Reduced repair costs for Monitor Township Fire Department

Reference Report: Monitor Township Fire Department

Monitor Township Fire Department has been using the s.QUAD Voice pager from Swissphone since 2015. Fire Chief John Kramer talks about his experiences so far.

What has your experience with the s.QUAD been like?

Since I moved to the s.QUAD pager, the quality, crispness of voice, and durability has been outstanding. It is easy to use and the service is great. I also like that we have a programmer which saves me time, money and quick turn-around when a pager needs reprograming.


What are the biggest advantages of the s.QUAD?

I am able to select my alerts. And when it goes off, the colored flashing light helps me realize a page is coming in. The profiles make it easy to switch and go from one profile to the other with little effort.

"With the s.QUAD Voice pager, my replacement costs and repair costs have dropped 97% compared to the old Minitors."
Fire Chief John Kramer Monitor Township Fire Department Bay City, MI

Which features do you like best?

I like the fact that it is compact and the range is unbelievable. The clear voice messages are a big help and we have less pages being missed. I like the fact that I can change from regular mode to monitor mode with just a push of a button and then go back to my personal setting with the same button.


Compared to the former pager you used: Which one have you used and what is different?

We used the Motorola Minitor IV’s and V’s for years. There is no comparison when it comes to the quality and dependability of the s.QUAD. The biggest difference is the area of coverage is greater and there is no static when activated. I actually get my pages outside of my county which, with the old pagers, I was lucky to get inside my Township. The other issue is repairs. The old Minitors were always breaking down and had to be sent in and the cost was astronomical. My budget for the year was always used up three months into the year. With the s.QUAD I do not have this problem and my replacement costs and repair costs have dropped 97% since moving to this pager.


What have you heard from firefighters who use it on a daily base?

My firefighters love that it is small and that the clip is a break-away clip, which avoids having to have it replaced. Once they have used this pager, they do not want to go back to the old Minitor pagers anymore.


Why would you consider the s.QUAD again?

The cost, ease of use, and the fact that my replacement costs and repair costs have been drastically reduced. The s.QUAD pager serves my needs and my firefighter’s needs without question. Simple and great quality. Because of the positive feedback from my fellow Fire Chiefs, our County is now considering replacing all their pagers with the s.QUAD.

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Since 2015, the Monitor Township Fire Department has relied on Swissphone’s s.QUAD Voice pager. In this interview, Fire Chief John Kramer shares his insights and experiences with the device.

Case Study: s.QUAD Pager for Monitor Township Fire Departement