Paging Base Station
ITC 2500

Pager Network System Solutions: The Powerful Paging Base Station

This digital paging base station is optimally equipped for nationwide and/or local alerting. Equipped with the GT16R controller, the ITC 2500 facilitates additional functionality and provides a considerable amount of additional power compared to its predecessor. Coupled with up to 7 digital inputs and 8 outputs, it is ideally suited for today’s and future IoT applications. Thanks to the already existing plug-in slot for an LTE SIM card, it is already today LTE-ready. The powerful controller and the backward compatibility of the ITC 2500 with its predecessors guarantee future-proof applications and the best possible investment protection.

What makes the ITC 2500 stand out?

  • Automatic feedback in the ring net via fast radio channel
    • Decentral alerting request
    • Transmission confirmation
    • Status check
  • GT16R Controller: Robust and LTE-ready
    • Greater computing power as well as more memory for more complex features and reserves
    • Virtualisation support for the latest applications
  • Extensive filter possibilities of the log data according to 18 criteria & date and time range
  • Single-Page GUI
  • Partial parameterization by means of independent radio channel
  • Two connections for fallback terminals
  • MTBF: 7.4 years
  • Backwards compatible with ITC 2100, ITC 2000

The Most Advanced and Fail-Safe Alerting Network

The combination of decentralized infeed and network status feedback is the world’s most advanced way of operating an alerting network: Previously, the connection was only possible to one control center; today any number of input points (fire stations or municipalities) can be coupled directly to the alerting network. The result is a 2-way communication – in addition to the standard alerting – between the main control center and the decentralized control center via the air interface. And the best thing of all: The benefit of the broadcast method is still maintained. Due to measures like redundancy operation (standby-ITC) and multiple transmissions, a high resilience is achieved.

Thanks to the network status feedback, it is always possible to obtain conclusive information without generating too much traffic. Each individual base station can send back an alerting request, the broadcast transmission confirmation, and its function state via the air interface to the control center.

This is how an installed medium-sized radio network of the latest generation looks like: By means of special procedures, the system ensures that a decentralised alerting request is in 5-10 seconds and reliably transmitted in the whole network. Also, the network status feedback of all base stations takes a short 5-10 seconds.

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    ITC 2500 in Action