Alerting in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres

The robust comfort pager was specially designed for people who work in an ATEX zone or are in it for other reasons and need to be reachable at all times. Even in the most sensitive zones, the s.QUAD ATEX can be used without risk thanks to its protective features.

What makes the s.QUAD ATEX pager stand out?

  • Approval for Gas Ex Zone 1 according to ATEX Directive
  • Can be used in environments with highly flammable gas-air mixtures (highest explosion group)
  • Loud alarm
  • Very good reception
  • High operating comfort
  • Available as POCSAG and voice variant

Reliable alerting of personnel plays a special role in potentially explosive atmospheres – for example in chemical plants, tank farms and in the oil and gas industry. Conventional terminals cannot be used here because all equipment must meet the relevant explosion protection requirements and be certified accordingly.

Swissphone has developed the s.QUAD ATEX for this application profile. It offers all the advantages of the modern s.QUAD range: “Best in Class” reception (sensitivity 2.5 μV/m), a loud, reliable alarm with up to 95 dB , intuitive operation and suitability for adverse environmental conditions with shocks, dust and water. The compact, flat housing guarantees high wearing comfort.

The s.QUAD ATEX Voice offers two additional advantages: It can be used to listen to voice messages i, and it can be easily integrated into a digital network (POCSAG) or converted into a digital pager (in the same frequency band) with a simpleupgrade.

Both s.QUAD ATEX models are approved for use in potentially explosive gas atmospheres of zone 1 according to the ATEX directive and certified accordingly. (Approval: II 2G Ex ib IIC T4)

Best-in-class reception among POCSAG pagers. Therefore users can receive their messages, reliably, wherever they are.

Ergonomic operation and high wearing comfort ensure best acceptance by the users.

Good integration into overall solutions for alarming in hazardous areas.

Integration via upgrade into a digital network (POCSAG), use as a digital pager (see QUAD Voice)

Areas of Application

  • Alarming in EX zones
  • Emergency call (industry, authorities etc.)
  • On-call services (e.g. service technicians)

Relevant Industries


  • 64 call addresses (5/6 tone)
  • multi-colour alarm LED
  • Options: Multichannel, Scanner
  • Alarm volume > 95 dB(A) at 30 cm

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Technical Datasheet
Pager Overview

Your Pager Options

The IDEA™ encryption used by Swissphone enables secure transmission of confidential messages. All messages are encrypted (end to end) from the input to the pager and thus cannot be read by unauthorised persons.

If you want to send the same alarm text to several groups or individuals, then you save valuable time with the Express-Alarm®. By linking several call addresses with the alarm text, the amount of data to be sent and thus the time for sending the alarm is reduced.

The reception frequency can be programmed within a bandwidth of up to 10 MHz.

The eco mode extends the operating time. The display is switched off completely after a certain time. It switches on again automatically when a key is pressed.

An ATEX device is approved for use in areas with highly flammable gas-air mixtures (protection class II 2G EEx ib IIC T4). Even in the most sensitive zones, the pager can be used without risk thanks to its radiation passivity and protection.

To Maintain Your Pager

To Maintain Your Pager

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