Flexible Communication in Groups and for Solo Workers

The s.TALK reliably connects people and teams and transmits information quickly and securely. It works encrypted, tap-proof and with high voice quality.

What makes s.TALK special?

  • Transmission of voice and text messages, videos, pictures or data to any number of people and groups
  • No separate terminals necessary
  • Simple group and rights assignment
  • Numerous options and expansion possibilities
  • Globally available

Thanks to the networking of smartphones, tablets and PC workstations, you can connect people and teams easily, flexibly and securely – similar to voice radio, only via mobile radio. It doesn’t matter whether two or any number of people communicate with each other. If necessary, communication is also possible internationally. As a user, you can listen in on various groups and also answer directly.

One of the frequent applications of s.TALK is the protection of lone workers in combination with the SOS mobile app. The complete solution with dead man sensor, situation alarm and lifecheck and SOS button contains all important functionalities for willful and independent alarming and is certified according to DIN VDE V0825-11.

The main users of s.TALK are fire brigades and other emergency services. Other areas of use include, for example, public transport companies, airport operators with several thousand terminals and security services operating across borders.

Another advantage of the s.TALK app is the integrated location system, which you can use both on the PC and on mobile devices.

A high level of IT security is standard when operating s.TALK – on redundant servers hosted by Swissphone or as an on-premise solution in the data centre of your choice. Encryption of communication reinforces security and data protection.

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