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s.ONE for effective resource management

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Optimally Coordinate Emergency Forces in Every Incident

Careful use of resources is always worthwhile. In the area of security even more so.
Reliable alerting is key to the effective management of an incident. Dispatchers, incident commanders and first responders depend on significantly increased efficiency before, during and after the alert. To achieve this, fire and rescue services need optimal planning in order to be able to deploy the required resources instantly in the event of an alarm.
Our solution for optimal resource management provides you with accurate tools for your entire alerting chain: s.ONE is a software platform for the management of emergency forces and the remote configuration of alarm receivers . It helps organisations to organise their alerting processes more efficiently and thus save time as well as money.

s.ONE Is Composed of four Flexible Modules

s.ONE Fleet

The s.ONE Fleet module is used for remote configuration and programming of terminals. The central input of terminal and feedback data in s.ONE avoids errors and reduces effort. Firmware updates and configuration changes can also be carried out easily. This ensures that each terminal remains up to date throughout its entire life cycle. To this end, s.ONE Fleet offers an integrated data security architecture: encryptions are generated, distributed and updated in a secure manner.

s.ONE Monitor

s.ONE Monitor also gives dispatchers and station managers an overview in real time. Here, you can seehow many emergency personnel have accepted an assignment. First responders can easily acknowledge the alert via the terminal or the s.ONE Mobile App.

s.ONE Alert

s.ONE Alert is the perfect complement to s.ONE Monitor for targeted post-alerting. With this option, s.ONE enables the alerting of the required number of task forces and specialists without over-alerting – because if necessary, targeted follow-up alerting takes place immediately. This allows a task force to be managed much more efficiently. Many emergency services save time and money with this approach.

s.ONE Mobile App

The s.ONE Mobile App allows you to seamlessly forward messages in a secure way. It is easily customisable to your specific needs as it can be configured from s.ONE. Pager messages can be displayed on the smartphone, regardless of whether they were received via paging or a hybrid alerting channel. In addition, s.ONE allows station managers to get an overview of the availability of their emergency forces before and after an alarm. The app also allows station managers to trigger targeted alarms when needed.

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Your Advantages with s.ONE

s.ONE is a modular, modern software solution that will alerting process and provides a complete, sophisticated solution for alerting, resource management and remote configuration of message receivers.

The remote detector programming made possible by s.ONE increases security: addresses and keys remain confidential, configuration errors are eliminated.

Even before the alarm is raised, emergency managers know which emergency scenarios they can handle with the resources currently available.

Those in charge have a constant overview of whether enough skilled workers are on the way. Necessary additional alarms can be triggered directly via s.ONE.

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