The s.QUAD Voice pager combines reliable alerting with cellular advantages. Alert messages are sent to the pager via voice and text messages over LTE/FirstNet. First responder only need to press one pager button to respond.


Alerting firefighters quickly and effectively is a crucial element in successfully dealing with any emergency situation. However, alerting volunteer firefighters can be a challenge on its own. First, the recent switch from wideband to narrowband radio technology has led to a loss of paging coverage. Therefore some dispatch calls are simply not received anymore. Furthermore, incumbent pagers often don’t live up to today’s expectations in terms of efficiency, quality and cost efficiency – a bar raised by cellular applications.

Customer Testimonial

“With the s.QUAD Voice pager, my replacement costs and repair costs have dropped 97% compared to the old Minitors.” Fire Chief John Kramer, Monitor Township Fire Department.

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Excellent outer and inner values

In spite of its compact size, the s.QUAD Voice is water- and dust-proof and is one of the most ruggedized pagers in the world (6.5 feet drop test). The pager is comfortable to wear and the screen is always protected. The s.QUAD Voice, with its alert volume of >95 dB(A) @ 1ft, can be a rather boisterous companion. If the pager needs to be used for a longer period of time and there is no power source available the s.QUAD Voice can also run on a single AA battery. The s.QUAD achieves a sensitivity of < 2.0 µV/m. This high sensitivity means your pager will alert when others don’t have enough signal. No other pager on the market has been able to duplicate this result.

Digital and FirstNet ready

With a simple firmware update the s.QUAD Voice pager can be upgraded into a digital POCSAG pager. At the same time, the s.QUAD app runs also on a FirstNet ready Smartphone, allowing you to extend your alerting network coverage through FirstNet hybrid paging. s.QUAD Voice, therefore, provides great investment protection for many years.

Connect your pager with your smartphone to use additional services with s.ONE

The s.QUAD Voice pager is an extremely ruggedized analog pager with the best radio sensitivity in the market, allowing fire services to extend the coverage of their existing paging network significantly. Its quality is outstanding, reducing replacement and repair costs dramatically. At the same time, the s.QUAD’s bluetooth interface allows it to connect to your smartphone. With the smartphone serving as a gateway, this innovation allows you to receive alphanumeric messages on your pager long before the crystal clear voice dispatch comes through. A multi-colored flashing LED visually supports the alarm, further indicating the urgency of the alert.

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