• Swissphone USA successful with various digital paging networks (DiCal) in the US.


  • Angelo Walter Saccoccia is the new CEO of Swissphone.
  • Launch of the s.QUAD: The new Swissphone pager impresses users with its functional design, outstanding reception, its volume and its waterproof housing.


  • Swissphone Austria GmbH is successfully certified according to ISO 9001:2008.


  • Rhineland-Palatinate turns to Swissphone for digital alerting: The radio network features flexible transmission rates with the ability to control the baud rate as well as multi-frequency technology. The alerting solution consists of over 350 base stations for secure in-house supply, approximately 35,000 digital pagers and over 2,500 siren-call receivers.
  • The Swiss Federal Office of Communications extends the radio concession for the TELEPAGE paging network until 2020.


  • Development of the alerting network in South Tyrol begins: Establishment of a digital alerting system with two control and monitoring stations and installation of 54 POCSAG base stations and nine transmission units.
  • Development of the Multimaster network in the Celle region: Installation of 100 base stations, IDEA™ encryption with a long-term maintenance contract.
  • Development of the Multimaster network in the Soltau region: Installation of 73 base stations, IDEA™ encryption with a long-term maintenance contract.


  • A world first: HURRICANE DUO, the first message receiver that simultaneously displays text and relays it over speakers. It is the first to comply with BOS approvals DME I, DME II and DME III.
  • Customer Astrid opts for Swissphone pagers.


  • Founding of the sixth subsidiary, Swissphone LLC in Windsor, USA


  • Development of RES.Q, the first all-in-one alerting terminal that connects paging with GSM and GPS.
  • Certification according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard
  • Awarded the Innovation Prize by the European Mobile Messaging Association (EMMA)


  • Successful installation and operation of a digital, satellite-based alerting network in Lower Austria.


  • Acquisition of Wesser Informatik GmbH, one of the leading providers of system solutions for control centres: Wesser Informatik GmbH becomes Swissphone Systems GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany.


  • Acquisition of All Wireless AG in Bern, Switzerland: The newly created Swissphone Wireless AG possesses the national paging network and is thereby employed by the state.


  • Development of the Hurricane voice, the world’s first digital voice receiver that converts text to speech.


  • Founding of the third subsidiary in Austria, Swissphone Austria GmbH in Vienna


  • Swissphone receives the first private licence for ‘private radio networks in Switzerland’ from the Swiss Federal Office of Communications


  • Accreditation as the first non-state inspection body for portable, mobile and fixed transmitting and receiving stations and wearable receiver devices


  • Certification according to the ISO 9001 quality standard


  • Founding of the second subsidiary, Swissphone SARL in Versailles, France


  • Founding of the first subsidiary, Swissphone Telecommunications GmbH in Gundelfingen, Germany


  • Establishment of Swissphone by Erika and Helmut Köchler in Kloten, Switzerland