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Resource management software tools

Secure, targeted and efficient alerting is the key to effectively managing an event. And our dedicated platform meets the requirements for maximum efficiency and security before, during and after the alert. The s.ONE platform is used in combination with return channel-feedback terminals such as our RES.Q and s.QUAD as a modular solution to facilitate optimal resource planning for fire brigade and rescue services. An essential component of the s.ONE solution, resource planning allows the storage of alarm plans based on various scenarios so that the required resources can be deployed quickly and easily in the event of an alarm. A dashboard function gives an overview of the respective alarms and resources required so that an appropriate response can be devised.


s.ONE is used to alert emergency services according to their availability, as well as for data management and the remote configuration of smart pagers


To meet increasing demand for reliable and precise alerting, Swissphone Wireless AG has revised and improved its hybrid pager RES.Q. This pager, a hybrid POCSAG model, has undergone a partial redesign.

Resource planning made easy

Even before an alarm event, a head of operations will know the forces they have available and thus whether the alarm plans can be delivered. When deployed, rescue teams acknowledge alarms at the touch of a button (“I’m coming” / “I’m not coming”), and these messages are sent to s.ONE and displayed in real time. This makes it instantly clear whether the necessary resources are in place, especially where there might be a potential under-staffing of specialists in the event of a second callout.

Save time and money

Targeted resource management tools enable dispatchers, officers in charge and first responders to significantly improve efficiency before, during and after alerting. Our customers use two-way pagers to reduce response times by up to 15 minutes, and to cut their total annual budget costs by more than 5%. That means these resource management solutions will pay off within six months and thus create value for the customer over many years.

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Maximise data security

Resource management services also include the secure management of alarms and transmitted messages. The s.ONE platform enables secure and controlled data management as well as the remote configuration of pagers in the field, ensuring that each terminal always remains up-to-date throughout its lifecycle. Encryption codes are protected against unauthorised access, and transmission of the programming data itself can also be encrypted. In addition, all pagers are password protected, so they cannot be hacked by unauthorised personnel – a feature already used by a number of Swissphone customers.


Modern Alerting Solutions in the Era of LTE

In an emergency, it is crucial that rescue forces can be alerted quickly so that they can help to resolve the situation. In this video the need and the requirements for modern alerting solutions are being discussed by key leaders from within the mission critical communications industry and end user organizations.

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