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Satellite-based communication: redundancy and security guaranteed

In an emergency, control centres, operation centres and command and control vehicles must be able to communicate and offer a coordinated response across different channels. And their ability to do this depends on the linking together of various communication and control systems such as telephony, radio, alarm and buildings technology.

 Our operational communication solutions, supported by automated alerting processes, enable efficient cross-channel operations management and mission resolution. The integration of satellite-based communication creates additional redundancy and enables secure data and voice communication at all times, even in the event of a terrestrial connection failure.

eriX® connects

The eriX® radio/wired monitoring system integrates a wide variety of communication modes and subsystems such as telephony, radio, building technologies, voice documentation and alerting. Its intuitive touchscreen interface means communication and control tasks can be handled easily and efficiently.

Thanks to the eriX® matrix, the system can also trigger events automatically. For example, where there is an incoming alarm, building technology such as lights, gates etc. can be controlled automatically. And the eriX® matrix can even trigger an automatic alarm when fire or water hazards are detected. In addition, the system automatically logs all important processes.

Optimal integration

eriX uses Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, thus avoiding the inherent telephone-system limitations. And in addition, eriX can simultaneously control and monitor radio and ELA channels. EriX offers a great deal of modular functionality in building automation thanks to a wide range of connectivity slots. With the EIB/KNX building installation bus, it doesn’t matter whether conventional relay technology or networking is used. All building services are connected via LAN, so each PC workstation can control the hardware. Not only can the individual eriX workstations be linked via a LAN network, there are also interfaces to link and share data with standard host computer systems and/or staff management systems.


Alerting reliably and quickly in every situation: This is the requirement that our dedicated terminals fulfil. Highest security, reception performance and robustness combined with best wearing comfort – these are our quality features.

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IWCE 2020

The International Wireless Communications Expo brings experts of the critical messaging industry together. We look forward to seeing you at our booth.


Maintel and Swissphone partner to serve the NHS

Press ReleaseMaintel and Swissphone are proud to announce a strategic partnership for the distribution and service of class-leading critical messaging solutions for the healthcare sector in the UK. Since joining forces in January 2019, Maintel and Swissphone have already won a number of large projects in NHS Trust hospitals, with further projects in the pipeline.

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Our solutions are adaptable for nearly each requirement of our customers. Discover how Swissphone customers across multiple industries such as IT, chemistry, public institutions, fire brigades, oil and gas, healtcare and more benefit from our portfolio such as alerting infrastructure, paging systems, emergency call system solutions and many more.


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