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The reliable, comprehensive and web-based emergency solution for critical situations from Swissphone.

If a critical situation occurs, your people will need rapid and reliable help. Swissphone can offer various personal alarms to guarantee a comprehensive emergency solution. The core response is handled via our SOS Portal, a comprehensive, web-based software solution which controls the reporting, localisation, escalation and all-inclusive documentation of incidents, as well as the management of participants. Swissphone’s TRIO or a smartphone app solution can be deployed as emergency call devices, with each providing indoor and outdoor localisation if an alarm event should occur.


The SOS-Portal is a web-based, redundant and platform-dependent emergency call system.


The TRIO personal alarm system device generates an alert when lone workers are in need of help.


To meet increasing demand for reliable and precise alerting, Swissphone Wireless AG has revised and improved its hybrid pager RES.Q. This pager, a hybrid pocsag model, has undergone a partial redesign.


With the SOS-Button, help can be called inconspicuously and quickly in threat situations when there is no time for a call or a message.


Localisation in buildings and bilding complexes is becoming increasingly important. The SOS-Beacon allows indoor localisation in closed buildings in real time.


SOS-Mobile App offers quick and secure alerting in an emergency. The application offers both deliberate and automatic emergency call functions and ensures quick assistance by automatically forwarding information about the person in need of help and their position to preferred end devices.

ecom Loc-Ex

BLE Beacons are small Bluetooth® beacons that emit a signal at periodic intervals.

Convenient options and safety benefits

Our emergency call solutions offer clear safety and convenience options to meet the needs of both large companies and smaller enterprises. You can choose between an emergency call service with one simple solution which functions automatically, or a wireless emergency call system which includes a dedicated emergency call centre to handle the processing of alarm calls. Both the localisation of first responders (via GPS and iBeacon) and the transmission of trigger device status data (alarm type, indoor and outdoor localisation) can be configured according to customer requirements. In addition, all relevant actions and parameters are logged and documented so the event and subsequent response can be accurately tracked.

Protection for lone workers

Our emergency call system for lone workers protects working people in every eventuality. Where an injured person can still function, they can manually trigger an emergency call by pressing the emergency call button. However, personal emergency call devices such as Swissphone’s TRIO or the SOS-Mobile-App  are designed to automatically detect and report falls and subject immobility with a reassuringly high degree of accuracy. In addition, this ensures you fully comply with your legal responsibilities as an employer. Thanks to the localisation feature which functions in both indoor and outdoor environments, an injured person’s position data is transmitted directly to the SOS-Portal. Rapid processing of a predefined rescue plan initiates immediate aid measures, escalated where necessary, whilst documenting every alarm event.

Lone worker safety devices for assistance in threat situations

Our personal security emergency call system makes it possible to summon help quickly yet discreetly in critical situations. Potential applications include threats in public buildings, department stores, etc. A silent lone worker device alarm signal is triggered via an SOS-Button on the personal security device. This alarm is routed to the SOS-Portal via the SOS Gateway or the SOS-Mobile-App  to provide automatic assistance within seconds. Post-alarm documentation can be provided when necessary, and this solution is suitable for lone worker safety in both stationary and mobile applications. And thanks to the integration of an SOS-Beacon for remote employee monitoring, position data for the person seeking help is also transmitted in mobile applications.

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