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Unpredictable events such as fire, water damage, production shutdowns, technical malfunctions and IT alarms can all have costly business consequences. These are often detected by alarm systems, and to ensure the greatest possible security, minimise any possible damage, and deliver the highest alarm management standards, it makes sense to integrate all alerting systems within an alarm management software solution. This will ensure the fastest and most reliable alerting and notification of individuals and groups.


The s.GUARD alarm server disposes of various interfaces to building management systems, numerous telephone systems (PBX), as well as standard automation software.


I.SEARCH alarm server includes a local paging system with absence and escalation management as well as a number of input and output interfaces.


IMASYS Alert provides cloud-based alerts via SMS, paging, e-mail and voice messages, including scenarios with emergency plans and alarm escalation management.


The IMASYS application simplifies the triggering, reception and acknowledgement of alarms and allows all parties involved to stay on top of things during the event.

Critical Messaging

Due to increasing automation and digitisation, more and more technical systems are generating more and more alarms and messages. If these alarm systems are insufficiently integrated, the overview is easily lost. Swissphone offers solutions for the integration and centralisation of a wide range of systems at the customer’s site, as well as for combining them with horizontal applications such as Building Automation Systems (BAS) and other, stand-alone solutions. With IMASYS®, Swissphone also offers high-availablity messaging as a service solution (MaaS) which, in addition to sending messages, enables the implementation of emergency, alarm and messaging concepts with targeted escalation and stored alarm plans. This ensures that, at all times, the right message reaches the right recipient quickly and reliably.

App-based alerting

Smartphones are our constant companions. If dedicated terminals are not available, they enable alarms to be triggered and received via apps. With IMASYS Alert, Swissphone offers a proven and reliable smartphone solution which, in addition to an app, also enables other channels such as automated voice calls, SMS and email as fallback at any time. This allows the alarms to be acknowledged and therefore an automatic escalation thanks to stored alarm plans. IMASYS Alert can be used either as a cloud-based alarm management solution or as a component of Swissphone’s highly available paging solutions. This ensures that critical individuals can be informed easily and securely at any time.

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