Case Study.

Case Study: Lone worker solution, Swann-Morton, England

Headquartered in the steel-making city of Sheffield, the Swann-Morton company enjoys a reputation in more than 100 countries for the quality of its scalpel blades. Produced in carbon or stainless steels, these are manufactured in as many as 70 shapes, from standard, sculptured blades for general surgery down to fine tips for non-invasive procedures – with handles to match. In addition, the factory makes blades used in dentistry, chiropody and podiatry, and for veterinary use, as well as a range of craft knives for artists and model-makers. With some 400 people working at the Swann-Morton site, good internal communications are essential. Mobile phones are banned in the factory because of the dangers of distraction, and the company continues to rely on fixed telephones.

But the on-site paging system, first introduced in the 1990s and refreshed a decade later, was reaching the end of its life. The original provider had gone out of business and it was becoming impossible to obtain spare parts and replacement items.

«The Swissphone solution has definitely benefited us over the
old system, and it has allowed for a lot of future-proofing with for
example the planning and installation of a defibrillation system
that works with the paging system to ensure the rapid response of staff members when needed. It allows us to make a lot more improvements and make everyday life more effective.»
Charlie Cunningham, IT Engineer at the factory.