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Discreet alerts for critical situations

Statistics make it clear that violence and threats against staff and officials working for public authorities and administrative bodies have markedly increased in recent years. Such threats pose real dangers – so as well as preventive initiatives such as security services training in de-escalation strategies, you must be prepared for more extreme scenarios. Mobile emergency call buttons in locations such as municipal offices, job centres and social services departments can save lives and an emergency call service will ensure lone worker safety and provide employees with extra security in sensitive situations.

Swissphone’s emergency call systems are flexible, easy to install and fully geared to the diverse needs of the public sector. Whether you want an alert to serve internal bodies, external security services or even the police will depend entirely on your requirements. We would be happy to advise you and help you devise your action plan and implement your emergency call system.

Emergency Call Systems

Improve protection for vulnerable staff and lone workers with our innovative emergency call systems. Ensure immediate assistance in the event of an indoor/outdoor accident or threat. All interventions are carefully documented.

Alarm Management

Recognise critical situations in good time and take the right countermeasures automatically: With this aim in mind, and to guarantee reliable alerting, we integrate and centralise our customers’ alarm management systems, both on-site and in the cloud.

Critical Messaging

Due to increasing automation and digitisation, more and more technical systems are generating more and more alarms and messages. If these alarm systems are insufficiently integrated, the overview is easily lost. Swissphone offers solutions for the integration and centralisation of a wide range of systems at the customer’s site, as well as for combining them with horizontal applications such as Building Automation Systems (BAS) and other, stand-alone solutions. With IMASYS®, Swissphone also offers high-availablity messaging as a service solution (MaaS) which, in addition to sending messages, enables the implementation of emergency, alarm and messaging concepts with targeted escalation and stored alarm plans. This ensures that, at all times, the right message reaches the right recipient quickly and reliably.

Manage IT alarms safely

The KSD company was faced with the task of bundling the alarms from its various systems and automatically directing them to the right place: Monitoring the server systems and peripheral devices such as air conditioning and emergency power supply, fire and burglary alarm systems, as well as deadman alarms for people working alone. With Swissphone, all autonomous alarm systems were gradually transferred to the IMASYS Alert platform where, in the final stage, all alarms are generated and then forwarded. This not only reduces the number of systems, but also the effort required to manage alarms.

Michael Bachmann, IT Project Manager KSD: “With the platform we have standardised and simplified the technical processes at the same time. That was a central goal.”

For each alarm, the type of alarm (SMS, mail, or voice message) and the communication channel (smartphone, pager etc.) can be individually defined. The pagers used are RES.Q hybrid devices, which provide particularly reliable alarms.

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IWCE 2020

The International Wireless Communications Expo brings experts of the critical messaging industry together. We look forward to seeing you at our booth.


Maintel and Swissphone partner to serve the NHS

Press ReleaseMaintel and Swissphone are proud to announce a strategic partnership for the distribution and service of class-leading critical messaging solutions for the healthcare sector in the UK. Since joining forces in January 2019, Maintel and Swissphone have already won a number of large projects in NHS Trust hospitals, with further projects in the pipeline.

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