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Our core principles: security, availability and reliability

Swissphone offers a full range of comprehensive alarm management and critical communication solutions for a wide variety of industries and tasks: for blue-light organisations such as police, fire and emergency services, for health care, manufacturing, IT service providers and facility management, as well as for public bodies and financial institutions. Each industry, and each sector, has its own specific field communication requirements. And yet they all depend on our core competences: the utmost security, maximum availability, and absolute reliability.

Public Safety

 Reliability and security are the typical qualities you can rely on as a Swissphone customer. We offer authorities and organisations with security tasks tailor-made and perfectly coordinated solutions for the entire alerting chain. We develop innovative software solutions, design secure alarm networks and produce reliable and robust pagers/detectors in Switzerland. Emergency forces must be alerted safely and quickly – this can save lives.


Healthcare institutions include many stakeholders: doctors, nurses, patients, visitors, technical services, IT specialists, and facility management. We can centralise all your alarms, paging systems and critical messages in one integrated solution. Our comprehensive healthcare solutions also include one more element: Common sense.

Manufacturing & Utilities

In the production and supply industries, there are particular factors which have a decisive influence on business success: good business continuity management to limit downtime, high levels of efficiency throughout all processes, and maximum safety and security for your workforce and machinery.

IT Services

There can be several reasons for alerts in a data centre. These include server failures as well as fires or attempted break-ins. We bundle these different alarms into one central system and combine them on one single platform.

Facility Management

Buildings need to be monitored in many different ways, and today this task is usually managed via a range of technologies. The Swissphone alarm server supports 85 interfaces – for building services, building management systems and telephone systems – and also offers a centralised alerting system.

Public Facilities

Staff working for public authorities, administrative bodies and schools are often subject to threats or even violence. Our emergency call system provides a rapid and discreet alert which can be used in critical situations to summon or inform appropriate assistance.

Case Study.

Case studies for our solutions

Our solutions are adaptable to almost every customer requirement. Find out how our clients in a broad range of industries such as IT, chemicals, fire departments, public institutions, oil and gas, healthcare and many more have benefited from using features of our portfolio such as infrastructure alerts, paging systems or emergency call solutions.


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The International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) brings together people of the critical messaging sector.


Our Business Continuity Management

Our Business Continuity Management

In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Swissphone Wireless AG has implemented important measures to guarantee the availability of business-critical processes.

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