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Automated navigation, reliable data communication for emergency vehicles

In an emergency, help must arrive in the right place at the right time. So it’s vital for a dispatcher to deploy the vehicle fleet as efficiently as possible, directing and communicating with drivers not only rapidly, but as plainly as possible.

 We offer an economic and effective overarching fleet tracking system for fleet management and vehicle communication employing the simplest access to information and communication networks. Because of their modular structure, DiCal-FDM.X, DiCal-FDM3 and DiCal-RED wireless data systems can be easily adapted to deliver the fleet solutions customers require.


The DiCal-FDM.X radio data module is an effective integrated solution for voice and data communication for optimising fleet management.


The DiCal-FDM3 allows for fast and reliable data communication as well as automatic navigation for emergency vehicles.


It is really easy to find a suitable location to install the DiCal-RED in a vehicle thanks to its compact design and its connection ports on one side.

Optimised fleet management

The economical use of vehicles is also a must for authorities and organisations charged with security responsibilities (BOS). However, for fire brigade, ambulance service and police emergency vehicles, apart from the financial aspect, the priorities are that high availability, fast arrival at the incident location and meeting response times, as well as maintaining the secure transmission of information, must all be guaranteed. Swissphone’s DiCal-FDM.X, DiCal-FDM3 and DiCal-RED wireless data systems offer an effective fleet management software solution for the economic optimisation of fleet management and vehicle communication with simple, straightforward access to information and communication networks.

Why paging?

Alerting solutions need to work when nothing else does. Based on the open POCSAG standard, paging combines a series of advantages that make it more practical, resilient and cost-efficient than any other alerting technology, including smartphone apps. This is due to two fundamental characteristics: First, POCSAG paging is a broadcast technology; this virtually rules out the possibility of the network being congested. Second, its low frequencies lead to great indoor penetration. Both these characteristics help paging satisfy the basic requirements of an alerting solution in the most cost-effective way. Also, based on this solid foundation, modern POCSAG paging solutions from Swissphone feature many innovations that further increase its resiliency and speed, making paging the go-to technology when getting a message across safely.

Paging and LTE for Public Safety LTE

While LTE networks are being rolled out, LTE for public safety is still in its implementation stages. In the interim, Swissphone aims to combine the best of both worlds with innovations such as:

  • POCSAG terminals connected to gateway apps, enabling a connectivity to future 5G and public safety smartphones and thus protecting your investment with these hybrid terminals having an expected lifetime of 7-10 years.
  • POCSAG terminals with integrated cellular modules Alerts are sent using proven and reliable POCSAG paging technology. The cellular module allows for fast feedback and reliable hybrid alerting.

Swissphone thus offers hybrid alerting solutions for maximum investment protection and migration flexibility.

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Our Business Continuity Management

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