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Universal Messaging as a Service

Better to have a choice - when it comes to the right channel

Multichannel communication – High availability and high frequency

Send and receive messages and sensitive information: Often employees and customers need to be contacted via a very specific way. Sometimes a department has something to communicate – and is undecided which messaging technology to use.

Simple and self-explanatory interfaces allow a quick and uncomplicated connection of your systems to a reliable reporting platform. Thanks to the multitude of supported channels (app, SMS, paging, Text2Speech, File2Speech, e-mail), you as a customer do not have to deal with the integration of individual, uncoordinated channels. Swissphone offers you a proven messaging-as-a-service solution: with IMASYS® you can communicate via different channels with a single interface. As you would expect, this is achieved via redundant servers – securely available and with high performance.


The Swissphone solution IMASYS® ensures:

  • Multiple integration capability in third-party systems
  • Saving interfaces
  • High performance
  • Suitability for bulk messaging
  • Bi-directional – Sending & Receiving
  • Maximum data protection
  • Immediate usability
  • Scheduled messaging
  • Two-factor authentication

Our complete solution for messaging - as a service for you

However you want to inform your customers, employees or target groups: With our messaging-as-a-service solution IMASYS®, we offer you the right platform for multichannel communication. Use it conveniently for the standardised sending and receiving of messages via SMS, paging, phone calls/ConfCall, app push, email. You can also benefit from easy integration into your systems via APIs, XML, via a URL or even via e-mail.

Use in practice

Do you want to send appointment reminders or inform your customers about the delivery status of ordered products, about disruptions or marketing campaigns?

The IMASYS® messaging service is the right channel for many tasks:


Test results

Parcel delivery information

Critical status messages

Digital crisis communication

Special actions / invitations

Mass communication

2-factor authentisation (mTAN)

Multichannel communication via IMASYS® is optimally complemented by the high security level of our IMASYS® mTan solution with SSL encryption. The following areas of application are ideal for two-factor authentication via SMS:


Online Banking

WLAN access in companies or public places

WEB access to company IT or personal portal

IMASYS® Business Messaging meets a wide range of needs and can be easily integrated into the customer’s own ICT infrastructure. This mature messaging service is already in use in many industries:






Authorities and municipalities




Service provider


Production plants


Call Center






Logistics / Mail order companies




Public transport companies

Four advantages of our solutions for business messaging

Security, reliability and flexibility are the decisive advantages of Swissphone’s multichannel communication.

IMASYS® is constantly being expanded with new functions, often requested by our customers themselves. As flexible as the applications are, as robust and secure is the “backbone” of the infrastructure provided by Swissphone.

The IMASYS® messaging services were developed in Switzerland. Here we host them reliably in redundant data centres. Our customer service also serves as your hub to the individual providers.

At IMASYS®, the user defines and configures the processes. The technology implements them. In the process, IMASYS® solutions and display devices allow a wide variety of links.

Thanks to the direct connection to a wide range of providers, the reporting process is not only secure in terms of data, but also redundant. Failures of a provider are automatically compensated. Secure access, DSGVO conformity, encryption and redundant data centres are a matter of course.

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    Universal Messaging as a Service