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The Economics of Alerting.

As U.S. first responder services prepare to migrate to Project 25 for voice communications and with FirstNet on the horizon, it is critical to determine which alerting option is the most viable. Besides reliability, availability and coverage, economic considerations need to be taken into account.

This webinar gives an overview of these criteria, with a special focus on their economics, and the choice between P25 paging, FirstNet and Swissphone’s DiCal solution.

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The future of alerting.

Technologies for communications and alerting are passing through a period of change. This webinar shows you why and how specific technology offers you decisive advantages. The following topics and more will be covered:

• Technical benefits
• Economic advantages
• High resiliency and redundancy
• Best end user devices

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Critical Messaging – Protecting lives and saving money.

Today’s organisations and businesses are increasingly connecting multiple systems together and reacting to the alarms they produce. While this can be a great aid to safety and efficiency, it also presents a problem of how many alarms a person can receive while remaining efficient. An end-to-end approach is required to maximise efficiency, effectiveness and safety while minimising risks.

The webinar provides an insight of the following three industries:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • ATEX
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