A more-efficient alerting process.

s.ONE is a software platform for emergency resource management and remote configuration of message receivers. It helps organisations to increase the efficiency of their alerting process and saves time and money. s.ONE helps dispatchers, operations centres and emergency services become more efficient throughout the alerting process.

Resource Management Software tool supports before, during and after the alert

  • Before the alert: Thanks to s.ONE resource management software, dispatchers, operations centres and chief officers know in advance precisely what emergency scenarios they can handle with the resources currently available.
  • During the alert: First responders use their 2 way pagers to confirm their engagement by pressing a button. s.ONE gives the dispatcher and officer in charge a real-time overview of whether sufficient experts and specialists are on their way. And where necessary, secondary callouts can also be triggered directly via s.ONE.
  • After the alert: s.ONE makes it easy to generate reports detailing which task forces were available and engaged. s.ONE also enables the remote programming of pager codes, which enhances security and efficiency by keeping addresses and keys secure as well as eliminating configuration errors.

These functions are handled by the four s.ONE modules: Monitor, Availability, Alert and Fleet.

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Remote programming

s.ONE Fleet enables the remote programming of radio receivers. In practical resource management terms, this means that any necessary changes to the alert structure, addresses or keys can be made rapidly and efficiently. And in addition, device firmware can also be updated automatically.

s.ONE Fleet enables the assignment of rights and roles to individual rescue teams. This simplifies the handling of signalling devices for both the control centre and the radio control room. Sensitive data is protected against unauthorised access, and in particular, the management of RICs and keys becomes much more secure without unnecessarily restricting the autonomous operation of emergency forces. And if a terminal device is lost, a replacement alert can be individually configured via s.ONE Fleet and quickly made available in any location. Using these functions, s.ONE Fleet considerably simplifies the handling, updating and encryption of pagers for all parties involved – the control centre, the radio control room and the emergency services.

The s.ONE app

The s.ONE app complements the s.ONE and enables organisations to extend the resource management tools used in the alerting process to incorporate team smartphones. It can be used by first responders to receive and confirm their pager alerts. It also provides field officers with an overview of the availability of their forces before and after an alert. The app also allows station commanders to trigger targeted alerts when required. Swissphone offers a range of functions and applications for its s.ONE app as part of a comprehensive resource management solution which will enhance organisational efficiency.


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