Optimal readability with the DE915 pager, even in the dark.

The pager makes alerting texts extremely easy to read thanks to the adjustable font size and a two-colour backlight. The fully graphic display enables various text displays:

  • 5 rows x 21 characters
  • 4 rows x 21 or 20 characters
  • 3 rows x 16 characters

The DE915 pager features 16 primary addresses, each with four sub-addresses and three profiles. It is possible to use chargers and accessories from previous models without any problems.

Key performance features

  • Programmable frequency range up to
    10 MHz (Wide PLL)

  • 16 addresses (RICs) with 4 sub addresses each

  • 3 selection/toggle profiles possible

  • 64 RIC names with 8 characters each

  • Option: IDEA™ message encryption (128-bit)

EXPRESS ALARM: With the patented Express-Alarm® feature, the dispatcher can compile task group RIC addresses and link the alert texts accordingly. Instead of each RIC address being notified one at a time, the alert text is sent simultaneously to all needed users. Less data allows for faster transmission time.
Wide-PLL: The reception frequency can be programmed within a bandwidth of up to 10 MHz.
IDEA ENCRYPTION: Encryption Technology employed by Swissphone allows secure transmission of confidential messages. All messages are secured from the dispatcher to the pager which means that messages can only be read by authorised pagers. The 128-bit protection key delivers one of the highest levels of security currently available.
ECO MODE: In idle state, the pager is set in a sleep mode and the display is switched off. At all times, the pager remains active and ready to receive alarm signals.


DE915 terminal swissphone


We offer a great demo program that allows you to test the equipment in real emergency situations. Choose your demo, fill in the form and start testing.

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