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Emergency control systems for production companies

In the production and supply industries, there are particular factors which have a decisive influence on business success: good business continuity management to limit downtime, high levels of efficiency throughout all processes, and maximum safety and security for your workforce and machinery. In an increasingly interconnected world, this poses new challenges for critical communication: In order to arrive quickly and securely via the right channel to the right person, alerts from a wide range of systems and emergency calls from employees must be managed, processed and controlled using different control systems.


Reliability and security are the typical qualities you can rely on as a Swissphone customer. We offer authorities and organisations with security tasks tailor-made and perfectly coordinated solutions for the entire alerting chain. Emergency forces must be alerted safely and quickly – this can save lives.


The reliable transmission of information, whether for alerting, notification or a person search: This is our core business. We develop and build high-availability digital paging networks – at local, regional or national level.

Comprehensive critical alert messaging

With increasing automation and digitization, more and more technical systems are generating increasing volumes of alerts and messages. But unless these alert systems are properly collated, it’s very easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Insular solutions which are not optimally integrated can lead to increased administrative effort and create higher risks for emergency communications. That’s why Swissphone offers solutions which integrate and centralize a wide range of customer systems, and can also be combined with horizontal applications such as building automation systems (BAS) and lone worker solutions. Furthermore, Swissphone’s IMASYS® offers a high-availability Messaging as a Service (MaaS) solution, which in addition to message handling, enables the implementation of emergency, alerting and messaging concepts with targeted escalation and stored alarm plans. This ensures that the right message reaches the right recipient quickly and safely every time.

Centralized Alarmmanagement

Swissphone’s s.GUARD middleware solution manages and controls the alarm output of your process control systems, production line control and SCADA systems to effectively increase productivity, save costs, reduce downtime and increase safety via enhanced hazard assessment.

The s.GUARD middleware solution integrates various alert systems:

  • Process control
  • Production control
  • Fire safety and fire alarm systems
  • Lone worker safety
  • Threat situations
Different roles one alert

ATEX: Alerting in potentially explosive areas

The chemical and petrochemical industry demands safe and efficient personnel alerting and information systems in potentially explosive environments containing hazardous materials. It is not only important to give optimal protection to workers, but also to your valuable infrastructure. In all potentially explosive sectors and industries there are always several safety systems which must be monitored in order to properly manage the health and environmental risks. Relevant alarms and notifications need to reach safety officers and on the spot workers, quickly, safely and without errors. This in turn guarantees the safety of your workers and production facilities – and ultimately secures your plant not only for today, but also for the future.

Minimize production downtime

In a manufacturing environment, even a few minutes or hours of production downtime can be very costly or risky. It is therefore critical to assure production continuity, for maximized efficiency and safety. This can be a challenge when the alarm output of your different control systems is not managed and filtered properly, and if the alarm is not terminated reliably to the right person.

Swissphone’s alarm management  solutions allows you to filter and manage alarm output of your process control systems, production line control systems and SCADA systems, allowing you to effectively increase productivity, save costs and increase safety.

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Our Business Continuity Management

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