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Alarm transmission. Mobilisation. Incident management.

Are you sure your alerting and communications will function in the event of an emergency? Can you manage and process every incident efficiently and securely? Do you rely on public systems, or would you prefer to invest in a dedicated emergency broadcast infrastructure?

 Our alerting solutions meet the highest standards of autonomy, security and availability – from local, stand-alone automatic solutions to efficient regional or nationwide paging networks. Our solutions also cover vehicle and operational communications as well as cloud-based concepts.


The reliable transmission of information, whether for alerting, notification or a person search: This is our core business. We develop and build high-availability digital paging networks – at local, regional or national level.


Reliability and security are the typical qualities you can rely on as a Swissphone customer. We offer authorities and organizations with security tasks tailor-made and perfectly coordinated solutions for the entire alerting chain. We develop innovative software solutions, design secure alarm networks and produce reliable and robust pagers/detectors in Switzerland. Emergency forces must be alerted safely and quickly – this can save lives.

Resource Management

Optimal efficiency before, during and after the alert. The interaction between our terminals and resource management software delivers crucial advantages: real-time information, feedback on availability, hybrid alerting channels and remote programming all in one.

Alarm Management

Recognize critical situations in good time and take the right countermeasures automatically: With this aim in mind, and to guarantee reliable alerting, we integrate and centralize our customers’ alarm management systems, both on-site and in the cloud.

Vehicle Communication

Stay in complete control at all times: Our fleet tracking solutions enable fast and reliable data communication and automatic navigation for emergency vehicles – so assistance can be delivered to the right place even quicker.


Why US customers decided for the s.QUAD pager

The s.QUAD Voice extends the coverage of the existing analog tone and voice infrastructure using its superior sensitivity. Also, its extreme ruggedness means that it requires less maintenance which lowers repair costs. If ever there is a repair needed. Any fire chief using an analog infrastructure can utilize Swissphone’s outstanding s.QUAD Voice pager now.

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Covering your back

Our customers prepare for incidents in the most professional way. Swissphone’s solutions help make incident management processes ever more reliable. From detecting and reporting the incident, to managing the alerts, as well as finding and mobilizing the right responders that can help mitigate its consequences. If technical alarms are involved, the alarm management can take place onsite  or in the cloud ; if emergency call solutions  are involved, our solutions enable outdoor and indoor localization. If blue light vehicles are involved, our solutions involve vehicle communication and field communication. Our software solutions allow you to gather feedback and document the incident management. All of our solutions combine self-reliant alerting systems for highest reliability, with cloud- and app-based solutions enabling additional efficiency gains.

Smart paging with a twist

You run an analog alerting network with old pagers that barely receive anymore? You’re tired of your pager repair budget being spent too fast? Swissphone’s s.QUAD Voice pager reduces the repair and replacement cost in fire departments by up to 97%. They’re built to last, and provide great investment protection. Also, our pager increases your network coverage. One reason is because it’s the most sensitive pager in the market. In addition, it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and thus receives text messages through cellular, even if your analog network does not cover. This pager is digital-ready at no additional cost; it is the first step to a smooth migration to digital alerting. Please read the whitepaper if you wish to learn more.

Why paging?

Alerting solutions need to work when nothing else does. Based on the open POCSAG standard, paging combines a series of advantages that make it more practical, resilient and cost-efficient than any other alerting technology, including smartphone apps. This is due to two fundamental characteristics: First, POCSAG paging is a broadcast technology; this virtually rules out the possibility of the network being congested. Second, its low frequencies lead to great indoor penetration. Both these characteristics help paging satisfy the basic requirements of an alerting solution in the most cost-effective way. Also, based on this solid foundation, modern POCSAG paging solutions from Swissphone feature many innovations that further increase its resiliency and speed, making paging the go-to technology when getting a message across safely.

Standortbasierte Alarmierung

Location-based alerting

With increased personal mobility, it becomes more and more difficult to ensure that enough crew are within reach. Organisations working with volunteer and part-time crews need to ensure that enough first responders are close by to cover potential incidents. At the same time, it is very important to respect the privacy of crew members. A solution should therefore not rely on the transmission of their locations. Swissphone’s Geo-Availability respects privacy, but makes it possible to take suitable action in case that too few crew members are close by. Geo-availability can also be taken into account in planning a deployment and for re-alerting in a targeted manner, thus increasing overall efficiency.

Lowest TCO

In times of scarce resources of public and private funds, alerting solutions are chosen based on the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). Swissphone’s alerting solutions based on the open POCSAG standard provide the lowest TCO. Swissphone’s on-site and wide area network components are backwards compatible. This means you can add new components to old network paging systems easily without having to upgrade the system, thereby protecting and prolonging your initial investment. Also, they provide a mean time between failure of 7.4 years, reducing maintenance and repair costs. Many of Swissphone’s 300+ networks have been operating for more than 25 years without any failure.

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Our Business Continuity Management

Our Business Continuity Management

In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Swissphone Wireless AG has implemented important measures to guarantee the availability of business-critical processes.
Case Study. Fire and Rescue Service, Hampshire, UK.

Hampshire FRS replaces legacy alerters with PageOne’s s.QUAD paging device

«We researched a selection of devices against our specific criteria from a number of competitors. The s.QUAD was the one device that enabled us to future proof our existing alerting system. We are very happy with this product.»

Dave Heybourne, Station Manager at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service


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