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Alarm Management as a Service

Are you looking for a ready-to-use alarm management solution which can easily accommodate your business processes? Swissphone’s IMASYS Alert offers a cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) solution which allows alarms to be triggered, processed and managed according to predefined scenarios. The web-based IMASYS Alert user interface is also available as an app.

 Triggered alerts are forwarded to various channels via our multi-messaging gateway. So messages can also be easily acknowledged via the IMASYS app as well as being processed as voice messages. If a designated first-responder or contact person declines an alert, thanks to alarm management software that alert can easily be escalated manually or automatically via IMASYS Alert. The highest level of security in alarm acknowledgement, processing and forwarding is guaranteed thanks to the use of two geo-redundant data centres served by Lan I and VPN connections from two independent service providers, which thus increases their redundancy. In addition, Swissphone can offer hybrid alarm management system solutions which combine the advantages of cloud-based alarm management with automatic activation via I/O contacts, for applications such as the integration of technical alerts.


With the s.GUARD alarm server, events from various sources can be gathered, processed in a centralised way and transmitted via local communication platforms or Swissphone’s IMASYS Messaging Gateway, depending on the scenario.


I.SEARCH alarm server includes a local paging system with absence and escalation management as well as a number of input and output interfaces.


IMASYS Alert provides cloud-based alerts via SMS, paging, e-mail and voice messages, including scenarios with emergency plans and alarm escalation management.


The IMASYS application simplifies the triggering, reception and acknowledgement of alarms and allows all parties involved to stay on top of things during the event.

Integration of all IT alert

As an IT service provider, KSD operates around 700 servers plus peripherals in two data centres. KSD was faced with the task of bundling their various alarms serving different systems and automatically routing them to the right place. This included the monitoring of server systems and peripheral devices such as air conditioning and an emergency power supplies, fire and burglary alarm systems, and a man-down alarm for lone worker safety. Using a Swissphone solution, all autonomous alarm systems have been gradually transferred over to the IMASYS Alert platform, which now handles all alarm forwarding. This reduces the number of systems involved and also the burden of alarm management. Michael Bachmann, IT Project Manager KSD explains: “With this platform, we have achieved our primary goal of standardising and simplifying our technical processes.” The type of alarm (SMS, e-mail or voice message) and the communication channel (smartphone, pager, …) can be individually configured for each alarm. The pagers used are RES.Q hybrid devices, which provide especially reliable alerts.


App-based alerting

Smartphones are our constant companions. If dedicated terminals are not available, they enable alarms to be triggered and received via apps. With IMASYS Alert, Swissphone offers a proven and reliable smartphone solution which, in addition to an app, also enables other channels such as automated voice calls, SMS and email as fallback at any time. This allows the alarms to be acknowledged and therefore an automatic escalation thanks to stored alarm plans. IMASYS Alert can be used either as a cloud-based alarm management solution or as a component of Swissphone’s highly available paging solutions. This ensures that critical individuals can be informed easily and securely at any time.

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