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Alarm transmission. Mobilisation. Incident management.

Are you sure your building alerts will reach the right person with the right information? And how much does it cost if your production line is down for hours, or even just for a few minutes? Do you have various isolated solutions which eat up costly resources?

Swissphone can support you with the integration of your alerting systems. Centralising your alerting facilities will reduce complexity, increase efficiency and optimise your resources as regards the monitoring of buildings, as well as equipment and machinery. And to achieve maximum flexibility, Swissphone can offer solutions for operation and incident management in the cloud as well as via a stand-alone solution.


The alarm servers ensure that in case of an event the right people are informed via the various communication channels and that the right measures can be implemented on the basis of predefined scenarios.

Alarm Management in the Cloud

We offer software as a service (SaaS) solutions for secure, maintenance-free alarm management in the cloud.

Ready for Smart Maintenance and Industry 4.0

Increasing automation and digitalization means more and more technical systems are generating an ever-increasing number of alerts and messages. Production facilities provide information regarding preventive maintenance which must be routed to the right person. Swissphone offers solutions which can integrate and centralize a broad range of customer systems and combine them with horizontal applications such as Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Lone Worker solutions. And in addition, Swissphone’s IMASYS® offers a high-availability Messaging as a Service (MaaS) solution, which in addition to message dispatch, can also enable the implementation of emergency, alerting and messaging concepts with targeted escalation and stored alerting plans. This ensures the right message will reach the right recipient quickly and securely, every time.

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