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Are your emergency personnel, workforce or customers increasingly exposed to third-party threats? Would you like to be able to offer them more security?

Our Swissphone emergency call system enables a silent alert to be activated rapidly and unobtrusively in critical situations, or used to put appropriate assistance on standby. Such deployment of personal security devices may be required in fire and rescue team operations, or in response to threats in offices and administrative institutions, schools, public buildings or department stores.


The SOS-Portal is a web-based, redundant and platform-dependent emergency call system.


To meet increasing demand for reliable and precise alerting, Swissphone Wireless AG has revised and improved its hybrid pager RES.Q. This pager, a hybrid pocsag model, has undergone a partial redesign.


The TRIO personal alarm system device generates an alert when lone workers are in need of help.


Through the personal information, the correct measures will be immediately and automatically instigated, such as the notification of third parties for example or the mobilization of security or ambulance services. The SOS-Button allows stationary and mobile applications.


The SOS-Beacon allows indoor localisation in closed buildings in real time.


The IMASYS application enables quick and safe alarm triggering and the notification of colleagues, clients and suppliers.

Discretion and simplicity

Any threat demands an immediate alerting response. Trigger options not only have to be fast but also convenient and discretely to hand – in these remote employee monitoring situations an early warning is the best countermeasure. Alert triggers on lone worker safety devices must employ a simple mechanism, and trigger devices must be located in easily accessible places, or preferably carried by the person at risk.

Speed and location-tracking included

The silent alert is triggered either by an optional emergency button on RES.Q SOS pagers, or otherwise via a small, compact SOS button. In this instance, the alert is forwarded via the SOS gateway to the SOS portal, which automatically executes the appropriate assistance measures within seconds, escalates an emergency response if necessary, and finally documents the event.

These lone worker solutions are suitable for both fixed and mobile applications. And with mobile applications, location data is also transmitted to locate the person seeking help – by means of an integrated GPS function on the RES.Q, or with the aid of Bluetooth Low Energy SOS beacons in the case of an SOS button.

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IWCE 2020

The International Wireless Communications Expo brings experts of the critical messaging industry together. We look forward to seeing you at our booth.


Maintel and Swissphone partner to serve the NHS

Press ReleaseMaintel and Swissphone are proud to announce a strategic partnership for the distribution and service of class-leading critical messaging solutions for the healthcare sector in the UK. Since joining forces in January 2019, Maintel and Swissphone have already won a number of large projects in NHS Trust hospitals, with further projects in the pipeline.
Case study. Professional Fire Department Aachen

Although our system has only been in use for a short time, we have already received various enquiries from other city departments.

Frank HahnHead of the radio workshop
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