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Emergency service solutions for any critical situation

In critical situations, every second counts. Every single second matters when it comes to protecting lives, property, your buildings and your production installations. Critical situations require secure, reliable and efficient alert and communication solutions. Can you imagine the consequences of an emergency alert system malfunction or a personnel crisis? What happens, if firefighting and rescue services are understaffed, or can’t be alerted due to technical faults. How do you ensure that an alarm can be triggered smoothly in case of a blackout?

Swissphone’s versatile alarm management solutions are designed to enable specific applications in defined sectors to work together seamlessly: that means everything from a secure alarm network, hardware and alarm management software elements, right through to your pager network and other terminal devices. All incident management components offer maximum availability and reliability and are tested for IT safety and carefully matched to the specific requirements of each application – because every second counts.

Alerting & Mobilisation

Custom- and coordinated solutions for your entire alert chain, and for relevant information used by blue-light organisations and emergency services: from alarm transmission to mobilisation to incident management.

Technical Fault Management

Modular solutions for monitoring the operation of buildings, facilities and machinery, as well as complete alerting solutions in the event of emergencies and failures – as a cloud or stand-alone solution: to keep your production facility ticking over at full speed.

Lone Worker Safety

Reliable monitoring and rapid support for lone workers thanks to a comprehensive SUVA-compliant personal emergency response solution: In emergency situations, help can be summoned quickly and reliably, either manually or automatically – including escalation and documentation.

Personal Safety

Obtain help rapidly and unobtrusively in threat situations: Our lone worker safety solutions offer immediate silent alerts (including localisation) thanks to our professional web-based software suite and the use of context-appropriate terminal devices such as pagers and SOS buttons.

Innovations leader

During its 50 years of existence, Swissphone has been a driver of innovation when it comes to self reliant alerting, lone worker protection, alarm management and critical messaging. Our innovation milestones with terminals, networks and platforms include the first digital text to speech pager, the first hybrid GSM/POCSAG terminal or the first pager with BLE interface to the smartphone. Throughout this journey, our core business has always been reliably transmitting information to responsible personnel, be it for alerting, notification, searching or informing. This is how we help you achieve your mission to protect lives and properties.

Covering your back

Our customers prepare for incidents in the most professional way. Swissphone’s solutions help make incident management processes ever more reliable. From detecting and reporting the incident, to managing the alerts, as well as finding and mobilising the right responders that can help mitigate its consequences. If technical alarms are involved, the alarm management can take place onsite or in the cloud; if emergency call solutions are involved, our solutions enable outdoor and indoor localisation. If blue light vehicles are involved, our solutions involve vehicle communication and field communication. Our software solutions allow you to gather feedback and document the incident management. All of our solutions combine self-reliant alerting systems for highest reliability, with cloud- and app-based solutions enabling additional efficiency gains.

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Case Studies

Our solutions are adaptable for nearly each requirement of our customers. Discover how Swissphone customers across multiple industries such as IT, chemistry, public institutions, fire brigades, oil and gas, healtcare and more benefit from our portfolio such as alerting infrastructure, paging systems, emergency call system solutions and many more.

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Our Business Continuity Management

Our Business Continuity Management

In the context of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Swissphone Wireless AG has implemented important measures to guarantee the availability of business-critical processes.

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