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The Firefighter Response System is easy to implement and deploy, we can usually have your agency activated in only a few hours.
To prepare, a computer and display screen should be installed in your station bay(s) near the turnouts and/or apparatus. To allow for unhindered viewing, the computers screen saver must be turned OFF and the monitor must remain ON at all times. The goal is to enable your first responders to see the FFRS data when they get to the station and are putting on their turnouts and/or as they are walking to the apparatus. (For agencies that utilize MDTs in apparatus, a station display is not required but is recommended.)

Once your display has been installed in your station bay(s), your agency is ready to get started. When your FFRS application is activated, you’ll received instructions via email on how to access your system.

After you’ve signed in for the first time, you will find training tutorials (videos) and user guides to explain the features and options of the system. Now you are ready to start adding your members to the system.

Next, you’ll want to create SOGs (or SOPs) to set clear expectations and lay a solid foundation on how to use the FFRS application for your members. These SOGs should be created based on what your agencies goals are for the FFRS application.

Now it’s time to introduce the FFRS application to your members, present the SOGs that you’ve created, and get started using the system.

Optional Equipment
As mentioned above, for agencies that have or want to purchase MDTs for apparatus, the FFRS application can be used on these devices as well as other devices such as tablet computers.