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Seconds can decide between life and death, which is why Swissphone focuses primarily on reliability and accuracy when producing products. With its employees devoted to quality assurance, Swissphone develops reliable alerting and work safety solutions at its headquarters in Samstagern that makes its customers’ jobs easier.

Quality awareness from the start
For over 40 years quality awareness has been rooted in the Swissphone company culture.  Swissphone headquarters has several testing facilities which use the latest measuring technologies (see box below) to perform complex and elaborate tests. Swissphone also adheres to ISO 9001:2008 certification testing and therefore guarantees its products accordingly.  The quality of products and systems is taken into consideration at every step of development and construction process as a result Swissphone products work impeccably even when they are climatically, technically and corrosively influenced.

Quality confirmed by our customers
Swissphone is unquestionably the quality leader in the safe alerting and work safety segments for lone workers. Customer satisfaction surveys certify approval in terms of product and service quality. This confirmation is no reason for complacency; it truly motivates our employees to intensify their efforts. Swissphone continuously renews its quality leadership by improving all processes to reach maximum quality and reliability.

Swissphone quality measurements

  • Environmental tests and approval: Out team of quality experts employs certified test laboratories for special environmental test like electromagnetic compatibility (EMV), electrostatic discharge safety (ESD) or admissibility for explosive areas (ATEX) and accompanies these processes.
  • Mechanical tests: Mechanical stresses can occur during transport or normal usage. Stress tests including fall tests- from a height of two meters-, vibration, acceleration and shock tests are performed to make sure that the products meet our demands.
  • Climatic tests: Swissphone products are used all over the world; therefore, various thermal and climatic stresses have to be tested. Swissphone performs intensive temperature and climatic tests (from -20 to +55 degree Celsius with a relative humidity between 5 and 98 percent), temperature changing and temperature shock tests.
  • Combined tests: Combinations of mechanical and climatic tests can be performed for customer specific solutions. The following stress tests are possible: heat/cold with mechanical shock, temperature change with vibration or humid heat with vibration.
  • IP safety tests: These tests indicate how rigorously cases are protected against dust or water. A possible result is the protection class IP54.
  • Corrosion and salt tests: Salt tests examine how well a product is secured against salty atmospheres by continuous spraying or cyclical moisture and normal climate storage.