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RE629 (Analogue)

  • 32 addresses with 50 user profiles
  • Frequency synthesizing via PLL
  • Pager features four minutes stored voice

Ideal for use in all alarm and emergency turn-out networks. Thanks to its user profiles, the RE629 pager can be adapted at any time to fit changing assignments. The time stamp and alarm timer provide additional support for scheduling a response.

In addition the RE629 pager offers a voice memory with a four-minute recording capacity. All alarms are archived and can be replayed as often as is required.

32 addresses in 50 user profiles
The 50 user profiles and the easy-to-activate expansion profile provide a wide range of options to configure the 32 addresses to the requirements of the task at hand and can be assigned appropriately.

Improved display legibility
The 4-digit, 7-segment display constantly shows the currently active profile. The time is displayed at the touch of a button. If the RE729 receives an alert, the receiving address appears first, then the stopwatch flashes. When the message is retrieved, the alert time is also shown.

Reliable and robust
All our products or made in Switzerland to ensure a persuasive combination of quality and functionality. State-of-the-art technology, excellent reception and its handy format make the RE629 the best in its class. The Swissphone compact casing is exceptionally robust thanks to its two interlocking convex halves. Further protection is provided by all-round rubber cushioning.

A safe investment
The world-wide service net of Swissphone assures optimal and continuous device operability. Replacement parts are kept available for at least seven years after ceased device production.

Thanks to PLL (phase-locked loop) technology, the receiving frequency can be pre-programmed, in addition to the operating functions. This enables a considerable reduction of set-up times when implementing the pager into any network.

Swissphone RE729 pagers are narrowband-ready. The FCC has mandated that all non-Federal public safety licensees using 25 kHz radio systems have to migrate to narrowband 12.5 kHz channels by January 2013. Swissphone RE729 pagers operate on 25 kHz and 12 kHz systems independent of any hardware or software changes.


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