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Swissphone Announces the Debut of the RE729 VoX Fire Pager


Swissphone, a leading developer of innovative alerting and communication systems for emergency response services, has today announced the successful debut of the RE729 VoX fire pager. Fire pagers play a vital role in the command, control and communication for fire departments, and the analog RE729 VoX fire pager offers industry-best performance, significant enhancements and more.

Despite the push toward P25, Swissphone continues to invest in analog fire pagers because the company believes that analog is still the best solution for volunteer fire departments. It offers excellent battery life, a small size and an affordable price point – analog technology is here to stay.

The new fire pager offers several enhancements over the older model, including the ability to leave the fire pager on the belt and listen to voice announcements, without having to look at the screen to see the setting. It is also narrowband-ready, so it is already in compliance with FCC mandates for non-federal public safety licensees.

The RE729 has technically been around for some time, and was a huge hit in terms of durability, portability, size and reception sensitivity. Fire pager users were not used to the way the pager operated, though – changing profiles or changing the volume required looking at the screen. Swissphone listened to feedback from fire pager users and the result is the all-new RE729 VoX.

Michael Koechler, Director of Swissphone North America, says, “I’m very excited about the RE729 VoX. I always knew that we had the best pager out there, but our American customers were just not used to the way our pagers are operated. Instead of forcing them to adapt, we invested in the product and got it to work the way they are used to. The feedback so far has been very promising.”

The RE729 offers robust performance, industry-leading durability and excellent reliability. With the new firmware enhancements offered on the newly redesigned fire pager, fire departments can have all the advantages traditionally offered by Swissphone fire pagers, with an operating method their personnel are used to.

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About Swissphone: Swissphone is a Swiss company with subsidiaries in Germany, France, Austria and the US and was founded in 1969. Since that time, the company has become an industry leader in alerting system solutions, command and control, and safe communication for first responders, firefighters and other emergency response services.