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Milestones in the history of Swissphone

  • 2015: Angelo Walter Saccoccia is the new CEO of Swissphone.
  • 2015: ASTRID has approved the Pager s.QUAD X35 for Belgium.
  • 2015: Launch s.QUAD: With its functional design, excellent reception, high volume, and membrane waterproofing, the new Swissphone pager is truly worth a look. The s.QUAD is robust, easy to carry, and can definitely be heard.
  • 2014: ASTRID has approved the Pager DE915 for Belgium. Swissphone is pleased to distribute now the pagers DE915, RES.Q und HURRICANE DUO for the ASTRID paging Network.
  • 2013 Swissphone implements digital alarms in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany). The project includes the production of 35,000 digital radio pagers and 2,500 siren pagers as well as the installation of a multi-master network for six counties with 350 base stations.
  • 2013 Michael Köchler is the new CEO of Swissphone.
  • 2009 Foundation of the sixth subsidiary Swissphone LLC, Denver, Colorado
  • 2008 Development of «RES.Q», the first all-in-one alerting terminal which combines GSM and GPS, certified after ISO norm 9001:2008
  • 2006 Swissphone emphasizes its internationality by opening a sales office in Florida (USA)
  • 2005 Successful installation and operation of a digital and satellite based alerting network in Lower Austria
  • 2004 Takeover of Wesser Informatik GmbH, one of the leading providers of system solutions for control centres. The Wesser Informatik GmbH becomes Swissphone Systems GmbH, Stuttgart (D)
  • 2003 Takeover of All Wireless AG of Bern (CH) which becomes Swissphone Wireless AG.
  • 2002 Certification after the new ISO norm 9001:2000 (process orientated); accreditation renewal of the testing laboratory (STS018) after ISO/IEC 17025; development of «Hurricane Voice», the worldwide first digital receiver converting text into speech
  • 1999 Foundation of the subsidiary in Austria: Swissphone Austria GmbH in Vienna
  • 1994 Swissphone receives the first private license for «Private radio networks in Switzerland» from the federal office for communication; foundation of Swissphone Engineering which operates Swissphone’s paging network «Euromessage»; biggest customer is the building insurance Zurich (GVZ) with 15’000 fire fighters.
  • 1992 Accreditation as a testing laboratory for portable, mobile and stationary transmitting and reception stations as well as mobile receivers.
  • 1990 Certification after the quality standard ISO 9001
  • 1989 Foundation of the second subsidiary: Swissphone S.A. in Versailles (F)
  • 1984 Start of the development of paging systems
  • 1983 Foundation of the first subsidiary: Swissphone Telecommunications GmbH in Gundelfingen (D)
  • 1972 Production moves to Binz, Zurich.
  • 1971 Moving into the premises in Kilchberg (CH)
  • 1970 Production of the first pager with tuning fork filters; first bulk order with over 1000 pagers for the alerting of fire departments in Germany
  • 1969 Development and production of selective modules for radio sets; Foundation of Swissphone by Erika and Helmut Köchler in Kloten (CH)