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About us

SwissphoneThe Swissphone Group is the leading, internationally-operating supplier, that designs and produces secure and reliable paging solutions and resource management systems for public safety organisations (emergency services).
Our systems comply with international standards.

The market-leading Swissphone paging and communication solutions for emergency services have long ago become prevalent standards. Swissphone products are extremely popular in Switzerland and on the international markets due to the high quality of devices offered, as well as our extensive know-how and leading-edge experience in the design and construction of communication systems.
In addition, Swissphone operates the Swiss national Telepage paging network, that is being used by most of the emergency services organisations for alerting. The reliable and secure Telepage network is also commonly used in sensitive industrial and commercial areas, as well as by private companies for their emergency response duties and in the field.

Swissphone was founded in 1969 by Helmut and Erika Köchler and it has been under Swiss ownership ever since. The company has a prominent market presence in Germany, Austria, France and in the USA.  In addition, Swissphone possesses a dominant market position in northern European markets owing to its proficient partners. The corporate headquarters and the production site are located in Samstagern in Switzerland near Zurich.